What Clients Are Saying

“D’Arcy led an incredibly enlightening program for two days, and I left feeling optimistic and empowered to create a happier, more fulfilling life. I’m excited to see how my relationships change as I apply the tools I learned in the program. D’Arcy was excellent at presenting the course material. It’s like he was born to do this. He’s an engaging facilitator with an in-depth knowledge of the content. He created a safe environment for all of us to be vulnerable and open to sharing. He provided great follow up after the course, ensuring we are doing the work that we learned in those two days.”

- Jennifer McLean, Mortgage Broker, MortgagePal

"I really appreciate what I learned in this course. I feel empowered and at peace with the knowledge I have taken from these two days.I have been living in Survival mode due to continual Emotional Stresses throughout the past two years. I can self reflect on this experience better and understand where I have been, and can see what is in my control to change. I know where I want to go now and am confident I can step into this new vision for my future with these tools.I can see the practical application of the tools in my everyday life and how they will be used the prepare and become my new self.Thank-you, I am looking forward to continuing this journey."

- Nicole Thomson, MERIX Financial

"My experience in working with D’Arcy has been nothing short of life changing. I was sceptical of his coaching at first, he was talking about concepts that I truly believed only worked for the rich...people with certain circumstances that just worked out in their favour. The lucky ones. I was actually quite annoyed talking to him, I felt offended thinking...he couldn’t possibly understand my circumstances! He doesn’t realise I am in every sense of the word....poor! Broke! 

My husband and I were always struggling between on and off jobs, bills going to collections, our kids missing out on experiences, and an empty fridge with cabbage and expired condiments. I hesitantly signed up for his program simply because I was in such a low place in my life, my new business wasn’t bringing in any money, and I was cleaning houses on the side to buy food and pay my bills.

I had nothing to lose. I have been working with D’Arcy for 1 year now and my life has absolutely transformed in ways I cannot have even imagined. D’arcy helped me recognize my poverty mindset and identify the core beliefs I was carrying with me that were causing me to struggle financially, and feel very little joy in my day to day life. 

After just 12 months in his coaching program, I have more than 12x my income and my life has completely transformed from endless struggle to having a thriving mortgage business, adventures with my kids, travelling the world, and living a life of purpose and passion. I’ve learnt how to be joyful and present, how to transform the results I was seeing in my business, how to sell with purpose, to live in alignment with my core values, and how to be someone who is constantly creating my own wealth and abundance.

I’m a completely different person today compared to who I was just 1 year ago. D’Arcy taught me how to go from being a victim of a life that I didn’t want, to being the creator of a life that reflects back everything I desire and more. I am so grateful for this experience and I absolutely recommend D’Arcy to anyone who wants to see large-scale transformation in their lives. 

His coaching is 100% the best investment I have ever made in myself! Do not hesitate to sign up if you are offered a spot, you will absolutely NOT regret it!"

- Louise Mason

"Whether one may be seeking the know how & support to embark on a personal or professional game changer, this is it. I cannot rave enough of the impact D’Arcy’s program has had on myself personally & professionally as they are one of the same. I have been involved in several incredible programs over the years with world renowned leaders and D’Arcy is definitely right up there alongside!

His presence is felt not only on the days that the group connects; his strong presence & support is felt every day throughout the program. In my experience it is the consistency, repetition and the feeling of true support throughout the entire program that invokes such success. The consistency of the daily check-ins, homework & reading/accountability/study groups is absolutely key in order to create the best habits to continue after the program is completed. 

Thank you D’Arcy for all of your love (tough love inclusive), support, kindness, presence & authenticity. I can hardly wait to see how the rest continues to unfold!"

- Brenda Wowk

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